Until recently, I worked at Domino's on 183 Graham Ave. in Bushwick, Brooklyn as a delivery driver. Like fast food workers across New York City, I was struggling to raise my family on $7.25 per hour in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

This spring, I went on strike with my co-workers and thousands of fast food workers from across the country demanding $15 and the right to form a union free of retaliation. Workers from Seattle to New York went on strike without retaliation, but Domino's stepped out of line. Instead of respecting my legal right to organize for a better life for our families, a month after the strikes, Domino's fired me.

We can’t let this stand. Domino’s is scared, scared of what we have been accomplishing and thinks that firing me will stop us, but I’m not scared and neither are my coworkers. We are going to keep on fighting, but I need you to stand with us.

-- Gregory Reynoso, Fast Food Forward

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  • Domino’s firing Gregory for trying to organize is against the law.  
  • By paying their workers so little, Domino's and other fast food restaurants starve our communities. Higher wages would be spent locally, instead their extreme profits are being taken out of our neighborhoods.
  • We support Gregory, the other Domino's workers, and all other fast food workers in this city and across the country.
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